Below you will find a selection of articles that we have written over the years that may provide you with useful insights. You’re welcome to copy some or all of them and use them in your work, though please do acknowledge the authors.

“That’s not what I meant!”

Clinicians are becoming increasingly concerned at the potential risks of ambiguity and poor communication, especially when trying to maintain continuity of care across shifts. Jo Cumming and Dr Mark Bradbury share their experience of bringing about improvements.

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It takes two to Tango

Ian wrote this article in 1994 after being fascinated by the way people collaborated to run a programme. The only consideration seemed to be how they would split up the content. This is a practical look at how to share the processes used when people work together so it enhances the experience for course participants.

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Realism in organisations

Who do we find in organizations? How do we deal with different people in ways meaningful to what drives them? How can we help them feel understood so they attend to what is being asked of them?

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Starting off an Action Learning set

This is an article that captures how Ian works with a new learning set.

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The Power of Pictures

We are often seduced by the ease of words as we try to communicate with others in development situations. This article explores the use of pictures to tap into areas that words sometimes fail to reach; especially important when working across cultures.

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Bringing about change at work

Ian developed this mind map when working with team leaders in a Public Sector command and control organization. It helps promote discussion about what individuals can do to make change stick.

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