Through the work we do we often come across really useful links on the Web relating to people development and change. We’ve listed below some of the one’s we have found interesting and extremely helpful.

Leadership Styles

A series of podcasts where leaders talk with an interviewer about their leadership styles. click here to visit site >

Changing Minds

The Changing Minds website is one of the most comprehensive websites on Leadership, Change Management and a host of other useful topics that we have come across. An absolute must to browse!
click here to visit site >

The Leadership Articles

With the help of many talented authors, you’ll find a wealth of information covering a variety of topics on all aspects of Leadership.
click here to visit site >

Mick Yates Leader-Values

Mick has run one of the most widely read websites on Leadership for many years. It’s regularly updated and contains his 4E’s Model of leadership – Well worth checking regularly. click here to visit site >

Free Management Library

For years Carter MacNamara has been running this extensive website with contributions from a vast number of different individuals. Excellent coverage of a multitude of areas. click here to visit site >