Achieving Results Through Action Learning

Achieving Results through Action Learning

This manual is a practitioner’s toolkit with everything you need to design and implement a successful action learning programme. It is a must for anyone interested in improving people’s understanding of the necessity for change, the processes involved and the mutual benefits which can result in:

  • Creating an environment where people learn with and from each other in a supportive and challenging way
  • Enabling them to tackle the real issues, questions, uncertainties and opportunities that are part of their lives
  • Encouraging them to combine knowledge with action, to review the results, draw conclusions and apply the learning to the next issue

“I enjoyed the manual and recommend it to anyone interested in learning about Action Learning or to anyone who wants to become practically involved in using it as a technique for people development.”
Review for The Training Officer Nov 2001 Diane Bailey

Page 1     Action Learning overview

Page 2     Preparing the ground

Page 3     Getting underway

Page 4     Running an Action Learning set (group)

Page 5     The processes in the set

Page 6     Evaluation

Page 7     Workshops

Page 8     Tools for set advisers

Page 9     Handouts

Page 10   OHP masters and commentaries

Page 11   References


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