Action Learning Pocket Companion

Action Learning Pocket Companion

This booklet is aimed at participants who are going to take part in a Learning Set but need to know more about what they are letting themselves in for.

It sets out to explain what Action Learning is about, what they can expect from the process and how they can learn from other participants. It also suggests ways that they can maximize the benefit for their own learning.

In the foreword, Yury Boshyk, Founding Director of Global Executive Learning, writes:

“Ian Hall’s booklet will be very much welcomed by all Action Learners and facilitators throughout the world. It fulfills a real need for a readily accessible and concise description of the process and the roles involved in an Action Learning Set. It does so in a clear and objective way, respecting the spirit and essence of Action Learning as described by its founder.”

Contents of “The Action Learning Pocket Companion”

The booklet sets out to help “would be” action learners better understand what they are letting themselves in for as they start on their journey. It explores what Action Learning is, how it started, and why it can make a major contribution to people working on their self- development.

It looks at how groups of Action Learners work together as a “set” and what is needed to ensure that that this process operates most effectively. It helps people understand the need as set members, to not only review their learning, but to move to action as a result of the review.

The booklet also looks at the role of the facilitator (set adviser) and how this person enables the set to operate most effectively. Finally, it gives comments from participants in learning sets and lists further useful resources.


The cost of the Action Learning Pocket Companion is £8.50