Leadership in Academic Enterprise MLP

Leadership in Academic Enterprise MLP

This MLP has been produced in collaboration with Professor James Powell and Andrew Clark at the University of Salford. They share their extensive experience, encouraging academics to reach out to external partners from business, industry, civil and voluntary services, and the community.

“The material draws on almost eighty years of coaching and supporting enterprise leaders and more recently, the reflections of over 80 university leaders and academic entrepreneurs. Research interviews world-wide between 2009 and 2012 were carried out with people seen by their peers and staff to be exemplary. Focusing on some simple principles to follow to develop for yourself leadership, governance and management will enable your institution to grow and flourish with strategic partners in what we call Academic Enterprise (Æ). We believe this has global relevance in these times of economic and social crises.”
– Professor James Powell

This package contains many articles and videos from practitioners all over the world who have agreed to share their experience.

This MLP contains the same material as ‘Leadership in Action’, plus material specific to leaders in colleges and universities wanting to improve their practice. Click here to see a mind-map of the content.

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The cost of this Multimedia Learning Pack is £47.50+VAT