Leadership Pocket Companion

Leadership Pocket Companion

This booklet is for people in a leadership role who want an easy guide to help them deal with the people and situations they face day by day.

I had the idea for this booklet after many years working with leaders to help them operate more effectively. Not just how well they complete tasks but also how they interact with others to ensure overall performance is improved.

I am aware that much effort is put into developing peoples’ knowledge and skills. Whilst these have their place, there is a tendency to assume that once this has been done, all will be well! My experience would challenge this assumption!

I have attempted to distil what I know about leadership, change, team work, problem solving and decision making. I share some of the models I use to enable others to develop their capability and confidence. Frameworks provide understanding and a process to refer to in a difficult or unknown situation. Reducing self-doubt increases confidence and helps people be more resilient.

Contents of “The Leadership Pocket Companion”

Section 1 focuses on what is involved in being a leader. It looks at character, presence and how leaders come across to others; not by what they do but as a result of who they are.

Section 2 looks at how leaders interact with others. It explores what they need to do as leaders to lead with integrity, inspire followers and achieve results..

Section 3 explores the issues involved in effectively managing change. It provides a number of models to help leaders better understand how they can work collaboratively and enhance the chances of successful outcomes.

Section 4 confronts the issues involved in a leader being part of a team and yet having to provide leadership. It explores team membership as well as what makes for successful team operation.


The cost of the Leadership Pocket Companion is £9.95