Applying our services specifically to your company’s unique needs, we bring a breadth of experience and a tailor-made approach. Offering a range of services targeted at adding value to your organisation, we research current performance levels and work with you on managing change to get to where you want to be. These are a few examples of our work with clients:

Coaching and Mentoring for individuals

In our experience, Coaching and Mentoring are two of the most powerful ways of adding value in organizations. They provide time out for people to work on what is important to them and develop their capability. Sessions can be face-to- face, by telephone, Skype or a mix of communication methods. Topics vary considerably and include: how to feel less stressed and demotivated; difficult people issues; project planning and organizing; prioritizing and juggling demands of work; developing strategies; thinking through career development options.

Team working

Teams sometimes become dysfunctional and fail to deliver. We work with them to help them appreciate what is going well and how this information can be used to tackle areas where the team is floundering and not functioning to its full potential.

Practical, innovative learning materials

Ian has worked for many years devising innovative ways to bring together and present learning materials around leadership and change. He is able to advise and produce materials for specific needs.

Facilitating Learning Sets, developing in-house capacity

Action Learning sets are a great way to enhance the effectiveness of individuals through a process that expects delivery on hard issues while building in time to learn from others and develop collective capability. We can help you plan, set up, run them and develop in-house facilitation skills.

Running large group conversations

We believe that individuals and groups in the organization are a rich source of creative ideas for developing organizational capacity. We facilitate events with 25-500 people to tap into this potential. The inclusive approaches encourage commitment and can bring about major shifts in performance in a more creative, efficient and cost-effective way than traditional processes.

Research and consultation

We have the experience and ability to explore with you which questions need to be answered about issues you feel are better explored by someone who is independent of the organization. We clarify confidentiality, plan and run interviews and group sessions and write a report on our findings.

Managing change

We bring years of experience working on change projects with public, private and not-for-profit organizations. When involved at an early stage we provide models that help create a common understanding of why action is required, what needs to be done, how it will be done, who needs to be involved, when results need to be delivered and how the whole will be monitored. Where a change project has floundered we can come and help get it back on track.

Providing extra resource for in-house learning and development professionals

Sometimes there is a need for extra temporary resource for projects. Ian and Jo offer to work alongside internal providers (See “It takes two to Tango”)