Flexible Consultancy Package

Our consultancy service is tailor made around your unique needs. A set number of consultant days along with full telephone and e-mail support come as standard with all of our support agreements.

  • Do you need someone to provide help with an urgent project?
  • Would you benefit from a skilled person for one-to-one coaching of managers and leaders?
  • Have you been able to budget for experienced support ahead of the time you need it?
  • Would you like a facilitator available to deal with situations that are inappropriate for internal developers to handle?
How you can use our expertise

We can use our time remotely on-site depending on what suits you. To be sure of our availability, it helps if you can give as a couple of weeks notice but we will always do our best to meet your needs as soon as possible.

Will this work for you?

To see examples of what we can provide, please complete the questionnaire “Ways to add value”. Please give us a call if you have another type of support in mind, as these options are not definitive.

Would you like extra resource on call, ready to step in when needed?

We find our clients are being seriously challenged in the current economic climate to meet tough product and service targets with reduced resources. Head counts are coming down and yet expectations are going up.

We can create a “Service Level Agreement” between you and our experienced facilitators to provide extra, flexible, resource. Typically, this consists of:

  • 4 days in six months when we work on whatever you need done within our skill set
  • Us being available for advice by phone or e-mail
  • Access to material and resources to inform workshop / project design

The questionnaire “Ways to add value” reflects ways in which we have supported other clients. It suggests ways you could use our expertise.


  • 6 month agreement with 4 consultant days plus telephone and email support is £4800 + VAT*
  • 12 month agreement with 9 consultant days plus telephone and email support is £9500 + VAT*

* VAT is charged at the current rate. Travel & subsistence are charged at cost. More than one agreement can run concurrently