Working with Clients

These are some problems we have helped clients tackle.

What are your issues? How could we help you?

We have found that obstacles to getting the best out of people and adding value come from a variety of factors that include:

  • Resistance to change – very often owing to lack of understanding, fear, and mistrust, of the proposed benefits
  • Staff who feel they have got as far as they are going and have given up ideas of developing themselves or their role
  • Leaders and managers struggling to balance their life/work commitments
  • The organization has no straightforward, creative, ways of getting large groups together so people can spark ideas off each other and improve performance
  • Positive pressure turning into negative stress with a deleterious effect on individuals and job effectiveness
  • Lack of understanding as to the cause of problems which leads to interventions that do not deliver the expected results and waste scarce resources
  • High emotion, low energy, productivity dropping following a programme of redundancies
  • People starting a new shift with inadequate information which affects the quality of decisions and puts health and safety at risk
How we have helped clients bring about change

Our participative, creative methods enable clients to remove blockages and be more agile when facing major change. Our projects include:

  • Researching reasons for poor performance and providing strategies for change
  • Building confidence, capability and resilience with executive coaching, mentoring, and career development
  • Designing and implementing learning groups and development programmes
  • Creating understanding of different styles of working to reduce conflict and improve team performance
  • Unleashing creativity through large group interventions such as Open Space and World Café which enable a part of, or the whole, organisation to improve performance.
  • Identifying ways of disseminating learning across the organization
  • Working with the ‘survivors’ of redundancies to acknowledge the impact on them and others of what has happened and move forward
  • Observing handovers and working with the people concerned to introduce an improved system

Please contact us to discuss how we might add value to you or your organization.