Having enjoyed our previous website for a number of years, we felt that 2013 was time for a fresh new look to Gletruim.com and we have just launched our brand new look website. We hope that you enjoy browsing it.

The new site is packed full of useful information about who we are, what we do, where we are based and the various services that we can offer to you and your company.

As mentioned on our homepage, Glentruim Change Agents work with individuals, groups and organizations, drawing on our knowledge and experience to help you deliver the changes you want to make.

Check out our ‘Downloads’ page, where you will find a selection of documents and articles that we have produced in the past which you are free to download and use at your leisure. Covering topics including communication skills, action learning, the power of pictures and much more, these articles are an excellent resource and give valuable insight into what we do.

We are also offering products available for purchase via the website, including comprehensive Multimedia Learning Packages as well as short, succinct Pocket Companion booklets.

Please enjoy browsing our site and discovering what Glentruim Change Agents are all about. We would welcome you to contact us any time with any questions that you may have or to find out more about how we can help your company.

Release the untapped potential in people and improve overall performance with Glentruim Change Agents.