Release the untapped potential
in people and improve overall performance.

Glentruim Change Agents work with individuals, groups and organizations. We draw on our knowledge and experience to
help you deliver the changes you want to make.

About us

The Glentruim Change Agents partnership
was formed in 2000. Applied psychologist
Jo Cumming and developer Ian Hall have
many years of experience working with individuals and public, private and
not-for-profit organizations; adding value
by developing people’s managing change capability. more >

Our Services

Applying our services specifically to your company’s unique needs, we bring a breadth
of experience and a tailor-made approach. Offering a range of services targeted at adding value to your organisation, we research current performance levels and work with you on managing change to get to where you want
to be. more >

Contact us

You may like a quick chat about what we
can offer you, to book an initial meeting,
or to set into motion a change management strategy for your company. Whatever your need, we are here to help. Contact us now
to discover how Glentruim Change Agents
can help to release the potential of your
people. more >

… changing today to meet the challenges of tomorrow …